Renewable Energy

Energy saving and sustainable design solutions

turbineWe build energy efficiency into all our projects – from low cost solutions to high end sustainable design.

We work with clients to understand their particular needs in terms of, for example, heat demand, budget and environmental considerations, then we enhance this information with measured assessment and recommendations including identifying areas of energy loss and waste and recommending measures for cost-effective improvement, including:

✔  Insulation and draught proofing

✔  Boiler optimisation, thermostatic controls

✔  Smart Metering

✔  Low energy lamps, lighting controls, time switches

✔  Rainwater harvesting
Renewable Energy options include:

✔  Biomass – boilers that burn pellets from waste wood or energy crops and wood burning stoves (RHI applied)

✔  Solar thermal (hot water)

✔  Solar photo voltaic (electricity)

✔  Wind Turbines (electricity)

✔  Hydro Electricity (power from water) – water turbines

✔  Geothermal (using heat from below the earth’s surface) – ground source heat pumps

✔  Air source heat pumps (eg, for swimming pools)


exterior1When considering the options, we pay particular attention to:

✔  Grant availability, including ECO, Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

✔  Budget

✔  Feasibility of renewable options, eg access

✔  Feed In Tariffs (Clean Energy Cashback)

✔  Selling power back to the grid (if applicable)